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The Bore construction process.

The construction process started 26th July 2022. Ant Rita together with Mr Katabalwa Yunus traveled to Rakai district on the same day to supervise the construction process. Some major materials where brought from the main town Kampala which is over 200km from the Rakai district which where transported by the engineer to Rakai a few days before the arrival of Ant Rita and Mr Yunus.

On the first day on ground, there was some material that had to be bought to complete the process which included bricks, cement, sand, wire mesh, binding wires etc that we had decided to by in the near by district (Kyotera district) in order to also support the businesses in this project.  

The bore hole was discussed by the engineer and his supervisor where it could be set up, the decision was to put it behind the small 2 room administration block that the engineer measured and confirmed to be able to access the clean water beneath.

The processes was started with drilling, which was made locally by the construction team of 3 men and the supervisor. The meant used a local mechanism of drilling by hand hoe, a sped and other materials.

The drilling process went on for over a 8 days until they reached the safe and clean water from the springs. The whole was dug for up to 100ft beneath the ground, different layers along the way including marram soil, rocks, clay soil etc where found.

After the drilling process was finished and the water was confirmed by the team, samples where also drown from the ground to confirm the water. The second process of building the bricks around the hole until up, the bricks built by sand and cement is to support the hole walls not to collapse and fall inside to cover the bore. The bore hole is also covered by concrete. 

After the machines assembling is also done by the engineer. Last but not least, the bore hole is given a few days to dry up and the its put to use.