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Women Empowement

July 3rd to sept 20th
FIFFO carried out girl child and women empowerment scheme to help single mothers together with young girls acquire hands on skills to help them earn a living and also be able to generate income to feed their children.
We trained over 50 single mothers and 30 girls.


Equally, the fight to end poverty is also a call to arms against gender-based discrimination and violence that has led to an increase in the feminization of poverty in both developed and developing countries, as well as in rural and urban areas. Moreover, gender-based discrimination and violence have also thwarted well intentioned attempts to make poverty history once and for all


Thousands of young girls are also threatened with forced marriages in many parts of the country due to poverty of their parents. The marriage of underage girls is also a tradition in some of our tribes. Girls in childhood are married as a so-called "child brides" of their parents to a usually much older man in pay a bride price to the parents and get far too early own children. This has been due to the high levels of poverty in most families.

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