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Kaboja Orphanage is one of the orphanages under FIFFO Ltd. The orphanage is located in Kabojja along Masaka road opposite Mugwanya Preparatory School in Kampala District. 

The orphanage consists of 44 orphaned and vulnerable children and over 8 widowed and single mothers. Kabojja orphanage is a christian based orphanage that raises children on the basis of christiany with a church building that also serves as the sleeping area for the children.

At Kabojja orphanage we mainly carry out the following activities,

Providing accommodation for both children and single mothers.

We provide accommodation for the children in the church building, there are a few matteresses and blankets that the children lie on the flow and sleep on. We also rent a few more rooms where we give accomodation to the single mothers and a few other children.


As a basic need, even in these times of food scarcity and economic depression where food prices and other commodities like gass have risen, the children have to be provided with food every day. The food is mainly bought through contributions from FIFFO members and sometimes from some donations from the good hearts.


We have a goal and mission that every child acquires basic education mainly reading and writing. Since formal education in schools is expensive, we improvised and rented a few rooms near the orphanage and hired a teach to teach the children from the orphanage as we cannot afford school fees in the schools.

Sustainability project.

We have also conducted some small sustainability projects to help raise a little finances to help in the daily running of the orphanage. Being near a swamp, the older children collect papyrus leaves, dry them for a few days and make local brooms out of them. Each broom is sold at 1000 ugx.

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