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Clean Water Project

Fiffo ltd has been long operating and running an orphanage and school (Mother Care Primary School) in Rakai district southern parts of Uganda. At Mother Care Primary School is a very low standard school that was set up mainly to enable the orphaned children of Fiffo be able to at least Read and write so it could help in their future carriers.

The school has been characterized by mainly very standards of living including luck of a proper water source for the school children and the surrounding community members due to low finacial aid that could enable with the problem. A few meters from the school about 30 metres lie an open pond of water that collects after a rainfall, it is in this pond that the children have been managing to fetche water together with the sorrounding neighbors of the community. However this pond has come along with so many diseases due to the contaminated and stagnant water. Malaria, typhoid and dirreahea have been the ordar of the day. 


After long years of struggle with safe and clean water at our school Mother Care primary school in Rakai district, we where finally over whelmed by Rita Juri who sacrifiesed all she could to come and witness the sad situation that the children where facing due to luck of access to clean water, it was a very long journey (6hours drive) to Rakai district from Kampala. On the arival Rita was over whelemed by the sorry state of the school, children and the source of water. 

At the school, Rita was wormly welcomed by the children and school staff, the head teacher Mr Vicent Semyalo who is also a member and an employee of Fiffo Uganda was deeply happy to receive a visitor at their school which is so deep in the village. Mr Vicent took the visitor around the school also went ahead and showed the climax of the visit the water pond, from there back to the school and had a very precious meal that had been prepared for the visitors.



After the visit to the school, headed back to Kampala with mixed emotions of madam Rita who was deeply sudened and felt so concerned about the situation in Rakai district at Mother Care primary school. Madam Rita asked Mr. Yunus how much it would cost to construct a proper water source for the school. At this point, the problem had been existing for over 8 years of our time we spent at the school, for the fact still we had written a number of proposals and letters already on numerous different times seeking for help on his matter which all ended in vein. For this case there was a already ready budget prepared for the bore and was presented to Madam Rita which she received with pleasure.


With that, Madam Rita went ahead an shared her sad story of her experience in Rakai with her online community, sooner could we know that she had managed to collect the the funds which where needed to construct a bore hole to access clean water and in disbelief we gladly accepted the good news with a lot of joy. It seemed so unbelievable to Yunus and rest that a problem that had been for so long been un accomplished has finally come to be solved.

Arrangements where made by Rita, Yunus and Andrew to meet with the engineer to discuss on how the project would be done. A a meeting was organized 3 days later to meet with the engineer, the engineer said they would start as soon as the material needed was availabe and reached an agreement of his salary as well. Emmediately we headed to the hardware shop that had the bore construction materials to book the items that we could get there.

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The Borehole Construction

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