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About Us

About Fiffo

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world. More than half of its 37 million people are children – which provides exciting potential for a dynamic future.

After years of conflict and insecurity, there has been some considerable progress. More children are in school and fewer are dying of preventable illnesses.

But many children, especially in rural areas, still live in poverty and without their basic rights.

  • One in five children do not complete primary school.

  • More than a quarter of children under five suffer chronic malnutrition.

  • 75% of children experience violence.

  • At least 10% of girls are married before they are 15, and a quarter experienced sexual violence in the past year.

Essential services such as schools and health facilities are overcrowded and under-resourced. Laws and policies have been passed that could make a positive difference to children’s lives, but are seldom resourced or enforced. Rural youth struggle to find decent work.

Uganda hosts almost 1.4 million refugees fleeing some of the world’s worst conflicts – one of the largest numbers in the world. More than 60% are children. The country has shown great generosity in opening its doors, but the influx has further increased the strain on services and more support is needed.

We have been working since 2014 and have programmes in our community and also in different parts of the country. We work in partnerships with communities, the government, civil society and the private sector, to deliver programmes that have a lasting impact, inspire change and uphold children’s rights. Our work supports long-term development and humanitarian emergencies, and bridges the gap between the two.

Inclusive education

Girls often drop out of school or miss classes when they reach puberty, as they lack sanitary pads and schools often do not have gender-appropriate washrooms. We teach girls how to make low-cost reusable pads from local materials and build new sanitation facilities. As a result, more girls are staying in school. We also work with partners to make schools more accessible to children with disablities, and help teachers adapt their methods for children with learning difficulties. 

Who we are.

Fight for the Future foundation Ltd is a legally registered public foundation founded by orphans with a basic objective of promoting community participatory approaches that enhance the health of most vulnerable members of the community especially Orphaned and disadvantaged children (OVCs), adolescents, single and young mothers women and disabled persons with emphasis on gender and to care, promote education and create rehabilitation centers in Uganda. The foundation also focusses on HIV and AIDS eradication in children and youths

Our Motto.
Give a little, help a lot.


To work with the local communities to develop strong, sustainable projects which meet local needs and help the communities to support orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) to achieve Education and support helpless and struggling single mothers and different members of the community.

Our Goals:

  •  Protect all children from any offence regardless of the social status or gender

  •  Enforce Child Rights 

  •  Educate as many children as possible all over Uganda to reduces the levels of illiteracy

  •  Educate both mothers, youths and children about HIV/AIDS to reduce on the spread of the virus from mother to child and also in youths.

  •  Ensure good health and food security for all vulnerable members of the community in Uganda.

  •  Empowering single mothers

  •   Combat poverty among vulnerable children homes and single mothers to enable self reliance in the community.

  •  Provide a safe home and environment for every vulnerable child to grow

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