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Why Chose Us!

Why us

Community expertise.

We know Uganda as a country. We have 6years of hands-on experience. We can help you learn more about the causes and nonprofits you care about, and provide you with solid philanthropic guidance on how best to make an impact on different communities around the country.


We can establish services that addresses one specific philanthropic interest of yours or multiple areas of interest. FIFFO charity services support a wide range of philanthropic efforts in the community, including health and human services, environmental conservation, animal welfare, youth, women’s issues, economic development, the arts and more.

Publicity and anonymity

Some donors wish to establish funds in honor of a cherished family member or friend; others prefer to donate in anonymity. We work with you to ensure the level of public visibility you desire.

Reasonable administrative fees. While there are no fees involved in setting up a charitable fund with us, there are some small annual fees involved in a fund’s administration. These fees we try to make them as minimal as possible. 

Financial accountability

FIFFO foundation operates in an open, transparent manner that welcomes scrutiny and meets the highest philanthropic standards for financial integrity and accountability.

Investment results
We take our stewardship responsibilities seriously. We are committed to maximizing the financial returns on our donors’ charitable funds and issuing as many charitable grants and scholarships from those funds as possible every year. To do that, our Investment Committee, comprising board members and other volunteers with exceptional financial expertise, works with a team of professional investment advisors to safeguard and grow our donors’ portfolios.

Grant making expertise.

We are a trusted philanthropic leader as a direct result of our in-depth knowledge of area needs with 6 years of grant-making experience in the region, and our longstanding relationships with the nonprofit agencies and civic officials at work in our communities. We research the issues and organizations you care about to ensure your donation will make an impact.


Respect for donors and their wishes.

We value our donors. We honor and protect their wishes in perpetuity. The hundreds of donors who work with us are a testament to that unwavering commitment.

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