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Hunger and poverty Eradication


As we know, poverty has a devastating impact on childrens lives.
Hunger, poverty and domestic violence mean that millions of children in Uganda are fleeing - alone or without their families. Poverty is raging in our country each day and millions of children are living in constant terror in the midst of terror and violence.

Thousands of young girls are also threatened with forced marriages in many parts of the country due to poverty of their parents. The marriage of underage girls is also a tradition in some of our tribes. Girls in childhood are married as a so-called "child brides" of their parents to a usually much older man in pay a bride price to the parents and get far too early own children. This has been due to the high levels of poverty in most families.

Children living in poverty are more likely to also:

Have poor physical health due to poor standards of living and luck of access to proper medical care.
Experience mental health problems due to social inferiority complex and exposure to domestic violence at home mainly by the poor parents.
Have a low sense of well-being
Underachieve at school due to poor education or no education at all.
Have employment difficulties in adult life
Experience social deprivation
Feel unsafe
Experience stigma and bullying at school. 

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