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Education in Rakai

Our School

Fiffo ltd went ahead in 2013 and started up a small project to mainly help a few orphaned children learn how to read and write, after 3 years the number of children kept on increasing with orphans being dumped at the orphanage. The director Mr Katabalwa Yunus and his companion Mr Mugerwa Andrew resorted to set up a real school in 2015 which a block of class rooms was tried to be built but with limited recourses that couldn't enable the organization to complete it, due the unfortunate state we resorted to use of fibers and created a few classrooms.

The school is called Mother Care Primary school with a long serving Head Teacher Mr Ssemyalo Vicent, a very close friend and hardworking member of Fight for the Future Foundation Ltd. To distinguish itself from the community, Mother Care PS existed around a community that hardly had any schools near by for the children of the community members to access which cause a rise in the number of children joining the school. At this point, no professional teachers where employed at the start as it was a basic of learning how to read and write for the orphans and the service was free.

About the School

Mother Care Primary School consists of over 230 children, 62 of the children are orphaned children under the care and support of FIFFO and are fully cared for by the foundation, over 168 children come from the community and are supposed to pay a small amount of school fees 80,000 shs ($22) to help in running the school in terms of food, administration work, paying off workers etc, unfortunately of the 168 children only almost only a 1/4 of them can manage to pay half of the school fees due to poverty.

The school consists of 7 classes built by local fibre and wood poles to help hold the fiber walls, there was an improvission of local wooden benches in a few classes where the can sit and learn whil others mats are laid down on which the sit and learn.

From primary 1 to primary 7, but if you look closely, the classrooms are not enough to accomodate all the 7 classes, usually we share some class rooms between two year classes in order to accomodate the whole classes. The children are mainly very happy and always excited to be in school, and it is very amaizing how many are learning all the skills and they surely can read and write.


Be Part of Our Journey

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