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FIFFO project in Rakai has orphans of up to 66 orphaned and vulnerable children. The are fed, accomodated and educated at the foundation provided premises. 

I Rakai, the children are give all free services including Education at our foundation school Mother Care primary School which consists of over 230 children, 66 being orphans.

Over the past 10 years, the children number has kept increasing in number due to many community and district conditions and pandemic disasters. Mainly, the outbreak of HIV/AIDS in the district cause alot of deaths mainly in the adults in the 1980s, due to luck of appropriate and enough drugs to treat it, the spread continued even through mother to child and over 2-3 generations now are still being affected of the outbreak and this caused alot of orphaned children and many women widowed.

Many children where left orphaned, many where born infected and now, due to the extrem poverty in the district members, some of the community members are unable to take care of their children and resort to look for orphanage centers where they drop off their children and disappear. 


Due to limited resources at the school, we resorted to renting 2 house for the children to sleep and stay, one comprising of 36 girls and the other 30 boys. Both the children girls and boys sleep on the floor with a few mattress an a few blankets to cover themselves when the night comes. Both wings have each one caretaker to look after and monitor the children at the orphanage.

The children feed mainly 2 times a day. In the morning usually the children move with one of the caretakers to go and look for firewood to cook, after meals we have different activities like playing sports ie football, netball and we also have some dancing and drama. We carry out all the programs in order to discover some of the children's talents in the orphanage.

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