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The 2nd school term is starting on the 15th of Sept, our orphaned children are excited to go back to school and at the same time worried that they wont afford to go back to school.

As for the past school terms, luck of financial support has our major problem and the children have been unable to attend formal school and in most cases have also been rejected by the government schools we have taken them since they cant afford the school fees and necessary requirements.

When you donate to us, we will use the funds to pay half or if enough full school fees for the children, and also buy the necessary requirements like books, pencils and pens and help them start with at school.

We have over 110 orphaned and all have started school, 65 of the children attend public school which need an amount 95,000 ugx ($27) for school fees for each child and scholastic materials and the rest of the 45 children study from the orphanage but need the scholastic materials to help them learn.

If we don't manage the necessary requirements asked from us, the children wont be able to attend school or get promoted to the next classes in the next academic year. Your help means a lot to us and could be the only hope for our children's future.

We have prepared a simple budget for our go back to school 2nd term 2022 as shown below.

Download PDF • 517KB

To support our go back to school program 2nd term 2022, please use our trusted sources as shown below.

PayPal in the names of Hafsa Pinto (Member)

Wester Union, World Remit and Mobile Money transfer,

Names: Katabalwa Yunus (Director)

Mobile No. +256755455118

City: Kampala, Uganda

Country: Uganda

Payment Instructions: Standing Order Below are the details required to set up a Standing Order with your bank. Kindly indicate your name on the payment description of your bank slip for easy identification. Name of Bank DTB (DIAMOND TRUST BANK) Address of Bank (street) Main Branch, Kampala Road Address of Bank (town) Kampala Address of Bank (country) Uganda SWIFT = BIC (obligatory) DTKEUGKA Account number 0164917001 Account holder name FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE FOUNDATION LTD Address of account holder (street) Kabojja Road, Opp Mugwanya Preparatory School, Kampala Address of account holder (town) Kamapala Address of account holder (country) Uganda

Thank you very much and may God bless you.

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