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Our Christmas Party - Rakai!

It was December 22nd year 2022 when we had our Christmas party celebrations. We received over 2,300,000 Ugx worth of donations from our patron ant Rita together with her community that was to cater for all the expenses from the Christmas party in our Rakai orphanage center.

The expenditures included:

  • The teachers Christmas gift each - 10 teachers - each 50,000ugx = 500,000

  • Food for the children including non orphans - 1,000,000ugx

  • Orphans gifts 66 orphans - 300,000ugx

  • Hygiene articles, soap, tooth paste etc - 100,000

  • School items for orphans - 100,000ugx

  • Malaria medication - 300,000ugx

We stated with shopping by Mr Yunus Katabalwa on 21st and then went on a 7 hours drive to Rakai district to meet the children, On arrivial we where recieved with a very worm hand by Mr Vicent Semyalo.

We thank so much our beloved Mama and Ant Rita Juri who has made this and a lot more possible for us.

We had alot of food and drinks for the children, thanks to our donors.

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