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Rakai 2023

On Feb 14th we travelled to Rakai District with Aunt Rita Juri to go and prepare for our next project as well as carry out some other extra activities at the orphanage.

We set off earlier than usual at 15min past 8 am, it was a 5 hours’ drive to Rakai without any stop overs at any time, we thank God we travelled well with no any problems and the roads and traffic was good.

We arrived a few minutes past 2pm in Rakai town, we met Mr Vicent our care taker for the organizations school Mother Care Primary School. Before we went any further we visited and booked our hotel rooms where we were to stay for 2 nights as we conduct our projects.

As we headed to the school, we had a very warm welcome mainly for our visitor Aunt Rita from the children and the school staff, we had a program on our which included mainly buying the neighboring land so as to expand and create enough room to build our new orphanage, do a water test from the borehole to see the health status of the water, give the children and staff some gifts from donors and also do a good documentary for the life status of the orphans and the orphanage where they live.

On the same day 14 fed 2023, Mr Vicent invited the Chairman LC1 (local council 1) and Mr Sebesezi John the owner of the land neighboring us that was to be bought, negotiations where made between him and Aunt Rita who reached at an agreed price of 5 million Ugandan Shillings. The agreed price was then paid in cash to Mr John by Aunt Rita and Mr Katabalwa Yunus together with Mr Vicent Semyalo as witnesses of the transaction.

The contract was signed and stamped by the chairman and Aunt Rita was to pay an extra fee of 1 million as taxes to the area town council. The transaction went well and we proceeded to our next project.

On our next day, we headed to school and carried out a lot of different activities which included visiting the and checking on our borehole (our new water source) status, the water quality testing was also started by aunt Rita with all the required professional testing kits from her professional.

We have for along time been facing a number of problems and one our main is of food scarcity in the orphanage, we have continued to request for food donations and other means, on this day, we were serving and feeding the children with food but not enough to feel their stomachs.

We also gave out gifts to the children that where brought by Aunt Rita. The day was well spent with joy and happiness at the school.

On 16th Feb Thursday, which is a public holiday in Uganda, it was our third morning we headed to the Rakai Town council to where we met Mr Superior a member and worker of the town Council to clear off the Taxes that where imposed on the land transactions, Aunt Rita paid 500,000 ugx half the required fee and the balance was to be paid by Mr Katabalwa Yunus. The land transfer forms where then issued out and signed by the town council attendant.

On the same day, we went ahead and bought some malaria drugs at the pharmacy for the children which drugs would help in treating sick children that have been afected by malaria in mostly this dry season we are in.

As we headed back to school, from there the water quality testing was completed and the results turned out not to be bad as we thought thanks to Aunt Rita, also we had a meeting with the teachers and thanked them for their great work they rendered to the school and the childen.

We went ahead with Aunt Rita who took a good coverage for the status of living of the orphans at the orphanage. The situation at the orphanage is really in a sorry state where the children barely have enough room to sleep, dont have beds to sleep on and even the blankets are not enough. There are about 72 orphaned children now at our orphanage in Rakai of which 42 are boys and 30 are girls.

We continue to thank everyone who has rendered their support to help the orphans in Rakai, we thank Aunt Rita and her community for the caring heart and their support they have given to us. May God bless you and all your families.

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