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Unfinished school block

For now 9 years down the road, ever since the the foundation of our for class room block it has not been constructed or completed. The block is the only structure that we where able to get for class rooms, the other structures are temporary structures made of wooden poles and fibers that are used as walls.

Inside of the classroomes

Outside of the class rooms

The temporary classroom structures have also helped us for a very long time, though they have their own disadvantages for example every time it rains the lasses leak with water, they can't also be locked properly to keep the children items safe, they are weak and keep falling off in bad weather mainly in the rainy season.

In this structure, the classes are share in the available rooms, there are supposed to be 7 classes from primary 1 (p.1) to primary 7 (p.7) and one room for the nussery section. In this case since the structure cant accommodate all the calasses we joined 2 classes per room eg p.6 and p.7 study in one room.

The new 4 classroom room block is meant to accomodate 4 classrooms from p.4 to p.7 and would be a great achievement for our school. Luck of finances has disabled us to complete it and the continuous wheather changes have also continued to weaken it, it has developed cracks that could be a danger to the children as well.

The school building until now is not finished yet, we are looking for funders to help us finance the construction of our school building so the children can have a better place to study.

The completion of the school building will also save our school from being closed by the district education officers who think the school is not on standard.

We will be gladly happy for any contributions towards our cause.

Thank you, God bless you.

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